Personalized Laptops

What do your computer stickers say about you?

Photos and story by Amy Page

Cassie Jenson, senior, recreation major

Cassie Jenson

– An assortment from Boulder, Colorado, where she worked over the summer
– An assortment of Bellingham businesses and themes
– The Texas state flag in the shape of the state (where her best friend is from)
– Switchback Brewing Co. from Vermont (a friend she met in Colorado who worked there gave it to her)
“I think they’re all meaningful. When I look at my laptop, it’d be cool if someone was like ‘oh, you have Texas on there, are you from there?’, and I’m like ‘no, my friend is’! It’s cool that I can sit here and people can kind of know what I’m into.” — Cassie Jenson
Frederica Kolwey, senior, environmental studies major

Frederica Kolwey

- A Greenpeace sticker (from when she was in it “for a hot second”)
- Make.Shift
- The Colorado state flag (she grew up there)
- Moe’s Broadway Bagels (the best bagels in Boulder, she says)
- The Laughing Goat (her favorite Boulder coffee shop)
- Mountain Sun (“A really rad brewery”)
- K & K Piercing & Jewelry (another shop in Boulder)
- A yoga studio in Massachusetts (a gift from a friend)
There’s an element of making it your own. If there’s no stickers on your laptop, then it’s just like any other laptop. Our generation seems to have kind of a fascination with stickers.”
Renee Shepherd, freshman, psychology major

Renee Shepherd

- A cactus decal
- Art from a local tattoo shop where she’s from (“I’m pretty close with [my tattoo artist], so they just gave me stickers and stuff”)
“All the ways I decorate things express things I like, things I associate myself with. I work at a flower shop too, so the cactus kind of fits with that. I really like plants and botany.”
Stephanie Bednarek, junior, biology major

Stephanie Bednarek

- 15 Ferro Rocher stickers (from when her friend gave her a huge box of Ferrero Rocher)
- Tangerine (a band)
- Pipette Master (a title she was given by her bio-lab partner when they made name tags)
- Pekoe (a milk tea shop)
- Various anime stickers
- Giants World Champions 2014 (her mom is a huge fan, and gave it to her when she first started school)
- “Be nice to me. I gave blood today.” (Actually, her sister was the one that gave blood, and gave her the sticker)
- “This sticker is my green. Go pinch someone else.”
- A dog with sunglasses and a box of pizza (a friend gave it to her)
- International Year of Light 2015
- Wart (from the show Over the Garden Wall)
- Catbug (from the show Bravest Warriors)
- Various Pokemon stickers
“Some of these stickers I’ve been accumulating for a while. I like having stickers where they’ll be there for a while, not just random things. So this is their new home.”
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